Luxury Decking & Cladding

Our FSC® certified timber (FSC-C009500) composite decking and cladding boards are made in Europe in a state-of-the-art, environmentally aware facility which is run by solar energy and where they use stored rainwater for cooling during the manufacturing process. The boards are of solid construction, are made entirely from recycled wood and plastics, and are themselves fully recyclable.

Why Choose Trekker

Trekker is easy to install using standard woodworking tools and fixing clips: 25 clips (HO561) per square metre and one box of 200 screws (HO560) for every ten square metres of decking are supplied free of charge. And it’s even easier to maintain, requiring nothing more than an occasional wash with plain water. It is also UV treated for fade resistance so, although it will mellow slightly once installed, the colour will stabilise after just two or three weeks. Scratches may be lightly sanded and the colour will rapidly blend into the remaining deck or cladding.

Slip resistant and splinter free High UV resistance Authentic brushed grain surface  Wood polymer composite construction Hidden fixing system High stability  Wood polymer composite construction Wood polymer composite construction

Trekker & The Environment

Over the years we have seen a significant increase in the demand for composite decking. We believe this is partially to do with the product being environmentally friendly as well as of high quality with solid construction. We are extremely proud to say that our composite decking and cladding products are FSC® (FSC-C009500) certified. They are made entirely from recycled wood and plastics, and are themselves fully recyclable.

Raised Deck System

Whether you need to raise your deck a little or a lot, we are able to offer a flexible and cost-effective system which may be used with all of our decking options. Comprising aluminium support joists - stable, lightweight, corrosion- and impact-resistant - and easy-to-use, twist and lock adjustable pedestals made entirely from recycled materials, the system provides a height range of 37-1016mm in 1mm increments and is gradient adjustable, offering top and/or bottom slope correction of up to 5% in 1% increments. Call +4401524 944096 for technical information.

Find out the relevant information required to achieve a successful installation of the Trekker Raised Decking System prior to the installation of Trekker decking products. Please read these instructions carefully to ensure your decking system is installed correctly and fully warranted.

Installation Guidelines

Download Guidelines

Decking Board Accessories

A full range of accessories are held in stock, including ribbed and bullnose step edges, fascia boards and stainless steel fixings - call 01524 737000 for more information.


Trekker carries a 15-year warranty, is suitable for both external and internal use and must be fitted according to the manufacturer's instructions. 

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