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Outdoor rugs have become extremely popular, with many homeowners looking to enhance and accessorise their outdoor space. A popular choice for the home, an outdoor rug can help to make a space feel cosier by adding texture and warmth.

For homeowners with composite decking, you’ll probably be wondering if you should be using an outdoor rug in your space. Although recognised for its hardwearing properties, it is true that not all outdoor rugs are suitable for use over decking. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect rug for your exterior decking area.


Why should I buy an outdoor rug?

Outdoor rugs have many design benefits, not only do they help to tie the entire space together but the additional pop of colour or use of intricate pattern can really help to bring your outdoor area to life.

From vintage-inspired florals to more exotic and vibrant designs – there is an outdoor rug to suit garden design schemes of any shape or size.

Additionally, outdoor rugs are extremely practical, they help to protect your composite decking from dirt in heavy-footfall areas whilst also protecting the planks from scratches or scraping if tactically placed underneath garden furniture.

What is the main benefit of composite decking?

Composite decking is a sustainable choice for the modern home, they are made using recycled fibres and a polymer - a synthetic compound. This well-bonded structure helps to create a deck that is highly durable but with all of the aesthetic qualities of traditional wooden decking.

In contrast to traditional decking planks, composite decking is extremely hardwearing as well as rot, crack and warp resistant. Composite planks are also anti-splinter which makes them extremely safe for environments with young children and also pets.

UV treated composite decking can easily withstand the elements and provides a decking solution with longevity.


Which rugs to avoid with composite decking?

We would recommend using an outdoor rug in a space with composite decking as they really do help to make the space pop however, not all rugs are suited to the task.

Some are backed with materials that can harm composite decking – this could lead to staining, scratching and discolouration. Avoid using outdoor rugs with latex and rubber backing or fixed metal accents as these may scuff the surface, or rust and cause discolouration.


Which rugs are suitable for composite decking?

Rugs made from traditionally woven materials or recycled plastic often have a soft backing, these will not damage the decking surface or absorb any excess moisture which can often build up with wet rugs.

Before placing a rug on the decking, we recommend waiting at least three months after installing the planks, this will allow for even discolouration across the surface. If the rug is laid too soon this could result in an uneven colouring across the decking.

So, in summary yes, an outdoor rug is compatible with composite decking! For as long as you carefully consider the materials and also the backing of the rug, there is no reason that you can’t introduce this on-trend textile within your exterior scheme.

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