A little care goes a long way

Ultimately, proper installation following our guidelines will ensure maximum performance from your decking and cladding. This, paired with a good cleaning and maintenance regime will give you many, many years of enjoyment from your Trekker product.

Regular Cleaning

Keep your Trekker composite product in optimum condition with our simple care & cleaning guide

Keeping your composite product clean is the key to keeping it looking great and maximising it’s performance. Regular cleaning, especially during times of high usage, with clean water and a stiff non-metallic broom is recommended. You can use a maximum 6 bar pressure washer if preferred, and for a more intensive clean use our Trekker Maintenance cleaner at least twice per year. 

Fungus & Mildew

In rare circumstances Fungus can appear on the surface of decking caused by various external factors (damp conditions, organic material build up, standing water…). To remove fungal growth you can use a fungicidal cleaner such as ‘wet & forget’ in addition to your regular cleaning regime. To prevent fungus growth happening you should:

Sweep away leaves and debris regularly

Remove furniture, rugs or other items that cover large parts of the decking when not in use

Ensure your deck has good drainage