Wildshark Vineyard, Kent

Project: Wildshark Vineyard  

Location: Maidstone, Kent   

Product used:HO1004 Walnut Woodgrain Decking 


Wildshark Vineyard opened its doors earlier this year, welcoming guests in to explore their brand-new wine haven! Located in the heart of Kent, Wildshark Vineyard prides itself on being an eco-friendly, sustainable vineyard, working closely with nature every step of the way. 

We were thrilled to hear that our client was looking to install a composite deck within the vineyard to provide a stunning picnic area for visitors. 

Chosen for its eco-friendly properties, durability, and aesthetic appeal, our Endura woodgrain composite decking was the perfect choice for this high footfall area. The installation being situated under a stunning canopy of trees was no match for this durable composite decking. With basic, regular cleaning and removal of debris from expansion gaps, the decked area will thrive for years to come.  

Resistance to the damaging effects of both mould and mildew growth, which can occur due to falling debris from the trees above, was another major selling point of our Trekker Endura decking.

Wildshark vineyard prides itself on being an eco-friendly and sustainable vineyard, making our fully recyclable decking the perfect fit. The Trekker Endura Woodgrain in Walnut also offers a natural appearance that complements its beautiful surroundings the look and feel of wood, but better.


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